Jewellery Education

At Eterniti we’ve simplified the jewellery buying process by offering you information on a variety of items, including diamonds, watches, gemstones and much more. Now you can purchase products with the confidence of knowing the great value they provide as well as have the ability to take care of them.

Here’s a brief explanation of what we will cover in each section of our jewellery education guide:

Learn about the cut, carat, colour, shape and clarity of this precious stone. This information will help you select the best gem for an occasion such as an engagement or anniversary.

Watches function differently, with some featuring quartz, manual, automatic or self winding and kinetic mechanisms. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. We also provide  information about water resistance and other devices that will help you select the best time piece.

It’s great to know what size ring to select before making the investment. This is why we provide a comprehensive list that covers information such as how to accurately measure your finger size and select the best ring according to this information. Download our ring size guide here.

With a  wide selection to choose from, its always good to know the different qualities offered by various metals. Here you will learn about the different constituents used to make each product and how this affects their strength and purity.

Make a purchase knowing how the hue and depth of tone affect quality. You will learn how gems such as a peridot, topaz, and tanzanite are rated and what value they hold.

This section will help you learn about different lengths and how they enhance your appearance.

Make Eterniti your source when making the decision to buy any kind of jewellery. Contact us if you need additional information.