Necklace Guide

Maybe you’re looking for necklace lengths that will enhance the beautiful lines around your neck or accentuate the bust. Regardless of what you’re after, we have useful information that will help you purchase the right item for any occasion or person. We’ve taken the time to lay this information out in a manner that is easy to understand, which will ensure that you buy a product that will provide the best value.

Our necklace lengths guide will cover a variety of products on offer and how they help to enhance your appearance. This includes choker, princess, matinee and opera chains. Take the time to have a look at the information we have provided below in order to have more clarity on this type of jewellery.

Necklace Lengths

When selecting a necklace or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on your chest. Remember that longer lengths accentuate the bust while shorter sizes show off the lines of the neck.

A description of the various lengths follows:

  • Choker necklace – Around 40cm in length. Should nestle around the base of the neck - just above the collarbone.
  • Princess necklace – Around 45cm in length. Hangs over collarbone and is the most common length; it is halfway between choker and matinee length.
  • Matinee necklace – Around 55cm in length. Should fall to the top of the cleavage.
  • Opera necklace – Between 75cm and 90cm in length; should fall to the breastbone - a dramatic length.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information about necklace lengths and anything else you may want to know about chains and pendants.